• Face to Face Parent Document

    Processes and Procedures for Face to Face Learning at Clarke Elementary


    First Day of School:

    How will school staff assist my student with getting to the correct classroom on the first day of school? 

    The campus is mailing you a brightly colored sticker/nametag for your student to wear on the first day of face to face instruction.  Please make sure your student is wearing this sticker so that staff can help them to right location once in the building.


    What can I expect during morning arrival?

    If eating breakfast, grades PK4-3rd grade will enter the main door and go directly to the cafeteria to eat breakfast.

    • PK3 students will enter through the PK3 door and a staff member will walk them to their classroom
    • PK4 and kinder students will enter through the library doors and a staff member will walk them to their classroom
    • Grades 1-3 will enter through the main door and go directly to their classroom

    *Please remember that KISD schools are currently closed campuses for visitors.  Please make an appointment if you need to meet with campus staff.


    What if my student needs to eat breakfast?

    • If eating breakfast, grades PK4-3rd grade will enter the main door and go directly to the cafeteria to eat breakfast
    • PK3 students will eat in their classroom at 8:30

    Students will be spaced a part in the cafeteria.


    Where will my student go if he/she does not eat breakfast?

    • See morning arrival procedures

    Social Distancing:

    What will my student do when walking to and from place-to-place in hallways? How will classes stay separated?

    Teachers will be mindful of the need to practice social distancing in the hallways.  Students in the same class will maintain proper separation.  Teachers will also work together to keep their class properly spaced from other classes in the hallway.


    How will my student practice social distancing in the classroom?

    Students will remain spread out in the classroom to the greatest extent possible.  Teachers will consistently remind students to stay socially distanced and plan instruction accordingly.



    What will recess look like for my student?

    Students will participate in recess outside as much as the weather permits.  While outside, students will remain properly distanced.  Students will be allowed to use playground equipment and will be required to wear their masks.  Students will participate in hand washing as soon as recess is over and upon re-entering the building.


    What will my student do when the class goes to the restroom?  How will the school keep classes from being in the hallways together, etc.?

    Younger students will use the restroom in their classrooms, one at a time.  Older students will use the hallway restroom during class visits and/or as needed.  When visiting as a class, the teacher will monitor students into the restroom, ensuring that the number of students allows for adequate social distancing.  Teachers will monitor bathroom usage so that they are not using that bathroom when another class is also using that bathroom.


    Sanitizing and P.P.E.s:

    Where and how often will my child wash hands?

    Students will have designated hand-washing breaks using the sinks in the classroom as well as the bathrooms in the hallway throughout the day.  Teachers will make sure students are properly spaced when handwashing.  In addition, hand sanitizer will also be used regularly in the classroom.


    How will the school sanitize desks and tables in the classroom?

    The district will thoroughly clean furniture and classrooms daily when students leave.  Teachers will have materials to disinfect areas of the classroom as needed throughout the day.


    What are the procedures for lunch? How will my child sit socially distanced in the cafeteria?

    Students will remain spread out in the cafeteria to the greatest extent possible.  Students will need to keep their masks on except for when they are actively eating.  Cafeteria staff will help monitor students.


    When/How can my student get a mask?

    Students are expected to come to school each day in a mask provided from home.  In the event that they do not come in a mask or something happens to their mask making it unusable, students will be directed to the clinic to get a disposable mask.



    Where will parent drops go for dismissal?  How will we keep them socially distanced?

    • 3:25 PK3 will dismiss from their hallway by individual child
    • 3:25 PK4 will dismiss out the front doors and line up by their child’s teacher name
    • 3:25 Kinder will dismiss from under the building
    • 3:30 Grades 1-3 will dismiss under the building


    Additional Information: 

    How will my student get their school supplies?

    The classroom teacher will issue all school supplies for students in their class upon arrival at school.  Items will remain with that student (no sharing of supplies) at school.  Students will need to bring a backpack and school supply box.  PK3, PK4, and Kinder students will need to bring a towel for naptime.  PK3, PK4, Kinder, and 1st grade students need to send a change of clothes in case of an emergency (bathroom accident, lunch spill, etc.)

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