• Welcome to Eastern Hills Middle School!

    As education is changing the way it operates, we at Eastern Hills are embracing this transformation. Learning at Eastern Hills is the focal point with the belief that ALL students can learn and join us in maximizing their potential. We, as a part of Killeen I.S.D, thrive on our continual learning, which in turn enables us to have the best practices at our disposal to teach our students and model the thirst for life-long learning. Our journey is challenging, but at the same time exhilarating and rewarding.

     In addition to our academic focus, we offer a variety of activities at Eastern Hills. Students can choose from extra-curricular activities, fine arts and many clubs. Another vital component to student success is parent and community involvement. We hope that you can join us in supporting your students growth as a whole, by volunteering at Eastern Hills and by attending our amazing events performed by the talented Children.


    Jeremy Key, Principal

    Eastern Hills Middle School