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    Last update: 7/23/2019

    Home Access Center 3.1 (HAC_Guardian)                                Author: Information System x2731

    Home Access Center is a web-based student information system that allows parents and guardians to view student demographics, report card, attendance, discipline, scheduling, classwork, and progress report information as it is entered in the teacher’s Gradebook system (Teacher Access Center).

    Login to Home Access Center

    1.            Go to the main Killeen Independent School District home page (https://www.killeenisd.org).

    2.            Click on Students and Parents link.

    3.            Click on Home Access Center.

    Account Credentials

    Home Access Accounts are created for guardians that have an email address listed in the student management system.

    Note: As a first time user you will need to contact your child’s campus to have a username and password created. For Saegert access only, Please Email Paul.Selph@killeenisd.org and include  the Names of all the children you in have in KISD, their schools and if you currently have home access account setup for any of them.


    1.            Enter the Username and Password provided to you by letter or by campus personnel.


    2.            Click Log In


    Note: First time users will be directed to create two challenge questions and answers. If you forget your Username and Password:

    1.            Click ‘Forgot My Username or Password’ on the main login screen.

    2.            Enter either your Username or Email Address.

    3.            Click Submit. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

    4.            Click the ‘Reset your Home Access Center Password’ hyperlink attached to the email received. You will then be instructed to answer one challenge question. You will then be directed to the ‘My Account’ screen, where you will create a new password. Once you have created your new password, click ‘Continue to Home Access Center’. You will be logged in to your Home Access Center Account.


    Reset password or Change challenge questions and answers.:

    Note: You must be logged in to Home Access Center. Hover over your name in the top right hand corner (next to the UserVoice tab), then click ‘My Account’.


    Reset Password:

    1.            Enter your Old Password and the New Password twice.

    2.            Click ‘Change Password’.

    a.             You will receive a message confirming the password change.


    Challenge questions and answers:

    Type your questions and answers in the appropriate fields.

    1.            Click ‘Update Challenge Questions’.

    a.             You will receive a message confirming the change.






    Menu List


    Home Menu

    The Home Screen will be the first screen available upon logging in. The Home screen gives you access to the ‘Week View’, Calendar, and School Links (KISD District Links) tabs.



    • Week View: Displays the student’s schedule, attendance, and discipline information for the week. Previous and future weeks can also be displayed by clicking the arrow icons . Links are provided for viewing details on individual courses. To view your child’s full schedule, click ‘View Full Schedule’. To view the course description, click the hyperlinked course name under Description and the course description will
    • Calendar: Displays a month-view of the student’s attendance, scheduling, assignment and discipline information. Activities and special events are also available. Filters are provided for you to configure the type of information that displays. You may also change the calendar view (daily, weekly, monthly).
    • School Links: Additional links available within or outside the
      • PayPAMS link is a secure portal for parents to pay for their child’s school meals Parents may setup Automatic Payment Plans, View Account Balances and History, and Receive Automatic Notification on balance status.
        • First-Time Users: When using PayPAMS for the first time, you must register and create a PayPAMS username and
      • Bus Routes link is provided to give parents the access to locate their child’s school and bus information for the student’s home address for the current school
        • Transportation for Special Needs will need to contact the Transportation Department at 254-336-0138.
      • Library Online link is a library resource through Killeen Independent School District to link parents and students to the district campus
      • KISD Home link will direct you back to the main Killeen Independent School District website.
      • Android Family App Tip Sheet link will direct you to the Family App tip
      • iPhone and iPad Family App Tip Sheet link will direct you to the tip sheet on how to use the Family App on an iPhone or


    Attendance Menu

    • Month View: Displays a month-view of the attendance. A color legend identifies the type of attendance displayed. To identify the type of absence, place the curser over the colored day to view more detailed information on the absences and tardies. To view attendance information for a different month in the school year, click the << or >> links to move back and forward a month at a



    Classes Menu

    • Classwork: Displays course assignments, to include date assigned, due date, categories, potential points and scores for the assignment. You may sort the classes by Report Card Run, Class, or Assignment Due Date. Once you select your sort preference, click Refresh View.
    • To view the assignment description, click the hyperlinked assignment name under Assignment.
    • Career Plan (High School): Displays the student’s progress toward fulfilling course and credit requirements for graduation and supplemental plans, based on the student’s career
    • Schedule: Displays the student’s schedule for the year and next year’s course

    Grades Menu

    • IPR: Displays the student’s most recent interim progress report, including courses, marks, and
    • Report Card: Displays report card information after the grades calculations have been completed at the end of the 9 weeks grading
    • Transcript (High School): Displays the student’s transcript
    • Test Scores: Displays all standardized test


    Student Support Menu

    • Discipline: Provides all discipline incidents involving the student. The information includes the type of incident, category, location, date and time, and the student’s role, such as offender, victim, or witness. Additional information on the incident can be viewed by clicking the incident or incident role


    Registration Menu

    • Registration: Displays student demographic data, emergency information, and contact information entered in the system for your


    Log Out

    Click the Log Out button located in the top right corner of the Home Access Center screen.



    Helpful Notes:

    • If you have more than one child in the district and your guardian contact information and HAC account in the system are identical for each child, all your children will display under the ‘Change Student’ tab in

    Note: If all your children do not display under the ‘Change Student’ tab, contact your child’s campus for further assistance with linking all your children to one HAC account.


    If you do not have more than one child in KISD, or each child’s record has different guardian information and HAC account address for the parent/guardian, then you will be directed to the ‘Home Menu’

    • For questions related to account signup, linking all your children to one HAC account, navigation issues, , please contact your child’s campus registration office. For questions related to your child’s grades, attendance or assignments, please contact your child’s teacher(s).
    • Click the ‘UserVoice’ button located in the top right corner to provide feedback pertaining to Home Access
    • Make sure that your pop-up blocking software or toolbars have been disabled or allowed for this
    • To ensure you receive emails from our automated system, please add this email address to your email contacts: