How to use this Course Selection Guide

  • The document below represents the most current information available and is subject to revision. Revisions are posted on the KISD web site under the Guidance & Counseling Department. Use the bookmarked items or the “Find” feature to search for courses.

    • Bookmarked items: On the PDF, right click and choose ‘Show Navigation Pane Buttons’. Look for the symbol for bookmarks and click on the symbol. From there you can select the topic needed.
    • Find: Enter a course number, course name or phrase in the Navigation search and click “enter.” Continuing to click enter will go to the next page where this number or name is used.

    This course selection guide is designed to help you and your parents design a program of instruction suited to your needs. Please take time to study the descriptions of courses before you meet with your counselor to schedule classes. Student worksheets have been provided for your use. This guide may have courses listed that will not be offered next school year for various reasons. Any new courses to be offered will be added after Board of Trustee approval. For information about scheduling and/or registration, please call your counselor for guidance at the appropriate number listed on the High School Campus & District Information page.

2021-2022 KISD Course Selection Guide

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