Parent and Family Engagement Policy

  • The staff at East Ward Elementary takes pride in doing what is best for students while promoting a love of learning and academic growth.  All parents and family members are welcomed and valued.

    Our Mission

    As a TEAM, we will establish relationships that foster a community which facilitates learning and builds the critical skills and analytical knowledge needed for a creative mindset in the 21st-century workforce and higher learning.

    Our Vision

    To inspire imagination and creativity in every child, by overcoming challenges in a positive, safe learning environment, therefore producing a community of life-long learners.

    Our Motto

    Soaring to Success & Expecting Excellence

    letter Communication We believe communication between home and school is a two-way street.  We stay in touch with parents and family members in several ways: student planners, weekly take-home folders, fliers, KISD TV channel, campus marquee, newsletters, campus website, Connect-Ed automated phone calls, notes, letters, emails and phone calls from a real, live person. 

    Parents and family members may contact us through phone calls, notes, letters, emails, weekly take-home folders and student planners.  We strongly encourage parents to contact their student’s teacher when there is a concern so that we can work together for the good of the student. Written materials will be sent home in both English and Spanish. If we need to translate things into another language, please contact the school office.  We’ll do our best to accommodate you.

    parent learning Parent and Family Member Learning We’ll help you understand the challenging Texas academic standards, give you information about STAAR and KISD assessments, explain how to monitor your child’s progress, and how to work with teachers as a team to help your student.  Other classes will offer ways to help your child at home, including how to stay current with new technology.  We understand that our parents work, attend school, or have other responsibilities that limit their schedules. To encourage parent involvement, we strive to schedule key meetings and classes at flexible times and dates to include a morning and an afternoon/evening session. Send suggestions for learning topics to our Parent Program point of contact. If parents would like to have regular meetings to make suggestions about their child’s education, please contact Principal, Norma Baker at 336-1650.

    round table Annual Title I Meeting Our annual Title I meeting is held in September of every school year. This meeting is offered at flexible times and dates that are convenient for parents. All parents and

    family members are invited to attend. We want everyone to know about Title I and how we use these funds to ensure that students are successful. We’ll discuss the Parent and Family Engagement Policy, the Home-School Compact, “Parents Right to Know” and how you can be involved in your child’s education. You’ll learn about the curriculum we use, academic assessments, and what our latest STAAR scores look like. We’ll even feed you a snack! 

    evaluation Title I Program Evaluation Our Title I program is evaluated several times a year by our Site Based Decision Making committee, which must include at least one parent representative. SBDM provides input on our Campus Improvement Plan and assists in making decisions about how Title I funds are spent. If you would like to serve on SBDM, please contact Principal, Norma Baker. We value your opinions and welcome all parents who would like to serve. For parents unable to participate in SBDM, an annual evening meeting is held for the purpose of evaluating the plan and gaining parent input on changes for the upcoming year.  Note, if for some reason the CIP is not satisfactory to parents, parent comments about the CIP will be submitted to KISD. 

    school Parent and Family Engagement Policy and Home-School Compact   We need your help!  We must review our current Parent and Family Engagement Policy and Home-School Compact every spring. Parents and family members are a crucial, required part of this process.  We meet to discuss and make any changes to these documents for the next school year. We must have your input.  Publicity about this meeting will be available in January. Both documents are posted on our campus website so that parents, family members, and the community have access to them. Our website will allow you to translate any posted information into any one of 107 different languages. The parent policy is also made available during our Annual Title I Meeting and is included in our Student Handbook. Your child’s teacher will contact you soon to arrange a conference to discuss the Home-School Compact and to give you more information about your child’s achievement. Parents have the right to participate in decisions relating to their child’s education.

    announcements Volunteer Orientation At the start of every new school year, and throughout the year, our volunteer coordinator conducts a volunteer orientation to outline KISD policies.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Lucy Van Bibber at 336-9999.

    awareness Staff Awareness Our campus staff receives training each school year about the value of parent and family member contributions at school. We stress how to reach out to, build ties with, and work with parents as equal partners to make sure that all students are successful in their learning.  Our staff is kept up to date on our various parent programs, their role in the implementation and coordination of the programs, and how they can encourage parent and family participation.

    textbook KISD Parent and Family Member Classes KISD offers classes free of charge for English as a Second Language, computers, and GED preparation. Empowered Parents workshops and the Parent Academy are also available. In addition, parents may attend and participate in the KISD Parent Advisory Council. Contact the Special Programs Department for more information at 336-0240.



Last Modified on February 8, 2019