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Degrees and Certifications:

University of North Texas - Principal Certification (2014) Southwestern Assemblies of God University - Masters in Elementary Education (2013) - Bachelors in Church Ministries (2010) - Associates in Foreign Languages (2010) - Associates in Biblical Studies (2010) Texas Educator Certificates - Principal (068) - Instructional Leader Development - Elementary Education (EC-6)

Mr. Eliezer Badillo

Mr. Badillo holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Church Ministries from Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU). He later earned his Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from SAGU and Principal Certification from the University of North Texas in Denton. Mr. Badillo is currently pursuing completing a doctoral degree with emphasis on education leadership. He undertakes activities for children with his whole being. Mr. Badillo can create from the ground up a fabulous healthy school culture for students, staff, and parents. He is a man of character and integrity as well as a talented and skillful educator of educators.

Mr. Badillo has an absolute desire to do the very best at all he undertakes. In every setting in which he has been involved as an educator, the situation or event was of the utmost quality. His ability as an educator to build critical rapport with his peers in an authentic manner is strong. Mr. Badillo combines his desire to excel with a strong knowledge base coupled with a unique ability to use his experience and skills to captivate, engage, and motivate his students and colleagues. His command of presentation and facilitation skills, combined with his impressive sense of professional confidence and ability to deliver a clear and concise message causing others to come away from personal interactions with Mr. Badillo with a renewed sense of purpose.
Mr. Badillo has a firm understanding of School leadership at both the campus and district levels. He has a strong grasp of learning theory and applies such in his work as a leader of learners. He certainly ranks as an intelligent instructional leader and has an accelerated learning curve for all new endeavors he undertakes. He has command of both the written and spoken language. Mr. Badillo has led campus improvement of facilities, been involved in technology initiatives, implemented a school-wide discipline plan, and participated in campus and district improvement committees.
Mr. Badillo believes that all children can learn. He believes that with hard work and perseverance we can ensure all students are successful. Having a positive culture is the key to success as well as keeping the lines of communication open among staff, students, and parents. Mr. Badillo feels that teamwork is the ultimate way a school can be successful in reaching the goal of helping all children reach their full potential. Mr. Badillo is very visible and states the best part of his job is seeing students in action when visiting the classrooms. He gets to know every student and every student gets to know him. | Twitter - @eliezer4406