Bad Weather Procedures

  • KISD Central Office staff will make every effort to notify school principals of school closings or delayed start times by 0530.  In return, the principal will send out a phone call, email, and/or text through the district’s Blackboard Message Center to all Clear Creek parents and staff. Folks who have provided viable contact phone numbers and/or emails receive the messages within 15 minutes of the principal pushing “send” on the Blackboard message. 

    Local TV and radio new stations provide general information about school delays and school closings

    Clear Creek:

    • When school is cancelled, no CCES staff members are on duty, so if you try to call or drop off your students for school, there will be no one on campus to assist.
    • When school is delayed –Clear Creek staff will officially report for crosswalk duty and outside duty 15 minutes prior to the school’s delayed opening time. It is critical we account for every student; so, tardies will be given not as punishment but to ensure we know all our students are accounted for.

    Should schools close during a regular school day, the principal will send out a Blackboard phone call, text, and/or email to all parent contact information. AS ALWAYS, PLEASE HAVE YOUR ID.