Banishment From KISD Facilities

  • Killeen ISD and Clear Creek staff work very hard to ensure children are safe and treated with respect each school day. Our goal is for our students to treat each other in such a way that everyone feels safe and respected.

    Any visitor to school grounds will be treated respectfully and, in turn, is expected to treat staff and students in such a way that they do not experience verbal and/or physical aggression.

    Parents or visitors who pose a danger to staff and students due to verbal and/or physical aggression risk banishment from Clear Creek and all KISD facilities for up to one school year.

    When banned from campus, parents or visitors will be unable to visit the campus except when the school’s principal and the parent/visitor have planned by phone. The parents or visitor will be unable to come to campus for campus-wide activities such as honor assemblies, Field Day, choir performances, etc.

    Military Police will be called when any visitor poses a danger to staff and students.

    An unauthorized person who trespasses on the grounds of a school district commits a Class C misdemeanor. Education Code 37.107