Birthday Recognition

    • Due to Foods of Minimum Nutritional Value requirements, birthday treats are prohibited during the school day. Parents may drop off store bought birthday treats (such as cupcakes) to school office personnel. Treats will be taken to the classroom. The teacher will hand out treats to the students as they leave at the end of the school day.
    • Each day, students who have a birthday will hear their name announced during morning announcements.
    • Students who have a birthday when school is not in session (weekends, summer, holidays) will hear their birthdays announced during a regular school day.
    • Birthday announcements will not be repeated when a student is absent or tardy when his/her name is announced.
    • Students will receive a birthday ribbon from a campus administrator.
    • Flowers, balloons, or any commercial deliveries to students are prohibited by KISD policy.
    • Students cannot hand out personal birthday party invitations anytime during the school day.