Cellular Phones and Other Electronic Devices

  • As per KISD Student Code of Conduct, students may not display, turn on, or use a cellular telephone or other telecommunication device on school property, during the school day.

    As per KISD Student Code of Conduct, violators are subject to having the device confiscated by a teacher or other school official for a period of time deemed appropriate by the principal (which could extend through the end of the school year) and are subject to disciplinary action. Repeat offenses may result in the loss of the privilege to possess such devices at school.

    All student cell phones are confiscated during state testing to ensure the security of the tests. Children will have their cell phones returned at the end of each testing session. Students caught with cell phones after the test has begun will be subject to an office referral and possible failure on the test.

    See KISD Student Code of Conduct, for further information.