Dress Code: See Killeen ISD Dress Code

  • Students who do not adhere to the Killeen ISD Dress Code will face the following consequences.

    • 1st office referral – Assistant Principal conferences with student and parent asked to bring appropriate attire. School may provide appropriate attire when parent cannot be reached. School-provided attire must be washed and returned to school.
    • 2nd office referral – Assistant Principal conferences with student and parent.
    • 3rd office referral – School detention.
    • 4th office referral – In-school suspension.
    • 5th office referral – Out-of-school suspension.

    Mohawks, Dyed Hair, Tattoos

    The Killeen ISD Student Code of Conduct states:

    Apparel, including jewelry, trench coats, emblems, badges, symbols, signs, or other items or manner of grooming which, by virtue of color, arrangement, trademark, symbol, or any other attribute indicates or implies gang membership or affiliation, or would substantially disrupt, distract, or materially interfere with the school environment, activity, and/or educational objectives, are prohibited on school grounds, or at any school-related activity, regardless of time or location

    Campus administration reserves the right to protect the instructional time at Clear Creek by deeming any manner of grooming that distracts the attention of the children from their studies.

    Physical Education

    • Students must wear appropriate shoes and clothing for physical education.
    • Athletic shoes or tennis shoes with socks – the gym floor can be slippery so shoes with good traction are needed. Socks will help prevent friction blisters.
    • Clothes should promote modesty while students run, jump, bend over, etc.
    • Girls are encouraged to wear shorts or leggings under dresses and skirts.
    • When a doctor’s note excludes a student from P.E., student will also be excluded from recess.