Drop-Off Lanes

  • Approximately 750-900 students attend Clear Creek each school year. It is imperative that parents plan to drop off students as early as allowed. Traffic, parking, and the large number of parents required to drop off students at school always present a traffic concern at Clear Creek.

    • Do not drop off students on Washington Street.
    • Enter the school driveway and drop off students in the driveway closest to the median. Eight to 10 cars can drop off students at one time if all cars drive up to the south end of the median and drop off subsequently by the median.
    • Parents who must get out of the car to get children out of car seats are encouraged to park to do so. Forcing everyone else to wait causes a traffic jam and is unfair to those parents who simply need to let their children out of their car.
    • Students should exit their car so that they step onto the curb.
    • Students should never cross the driveways without the crossing guards’ assistance or without being in a crosswalk.
    • Only those with legal handicap plates or placards can use handicap parking spaces.
    • When a bus is stopped with blinking lights, STOP!

Morning Drop-off

  • Clear Creek Morning Drop-off

    For those who drop off children in privately owned vehicles, please help us keep traffic flowing by doing the following:

    • Ensure students have backpacks and lunch boxes in hand, ready to go, before arriving on school grounds.
    • Get last kisses in before getting to the drop-off point.
    • At the median/curb, come into the gated entrance closest to the school. Students will immediately move to the sidewalk and walk into school through the front entrance to the school under the awning.


    • Once your students are out and your car door is closed, move on out as traffic allows.
    • The front parking lot will be blocked off from 0715-0800 to ensure the safety of students walking to campus.


    Use parking spaces (toward the highway side of campus) if you would rather be the one to let the children out of the car.

Clear Creek Elementary map of our morning drop off process.