• Please visit,  Learning Environment Request Form to view the change process and download the Secondary form for your student. 

    Please email the form to the student’s counselor. They have up to 5 days to process, and will email you when the student can begin the new learning environment. Thank you!

    Counselors’ Alpha Divisions

    House 1 STEM/Special Programs                          Wendy Perry  wendy.perry@killeenisd.org

    House 2   A – Cro and TBI                                    Daniel Stovall daniel.stovall@killeenisd.org

    House 3   Cru - He                                                 Cassie Scott cassie.scott@killeenisd.org

    House 4   Hi - Me                                                  Patricia White patricia.white@killeenisd.org

    House 5   Mi - Sch                                                  Sherce Hampton sherce.hampton@killeenisd.org 

    House 6   Sci – Z                                                 Kimberly Shultz kimberly.shultz@killeenisd.org

    Career Center All Day & AM Students                Tracey Tepera tracey.tepera@killeenisd.org


    If you have any questions, we are here to help.