Lunch and Breakfast Procedures

    • Breakfast and lunch menus are available at
    • School breakfast is served from 7:30 – 7:50AM; school lunch starts at 10:30AM.
    • For the 2020-2021 school year, all Clear Creek students may eat a school breakfast for free.
    • Parents are responsible for ensuring students have lunch money for their school lunch on their first day of school enrollment if students do not have their home-prepared lunch.
    • KISD uses to manage student meal money. Parents may deposit money into their student’s account at using the student’s ID number provided during school registration.
    • Parents are responsible for ensuring students have enough money in cash or deposited in each student’s meal account to cover school lunch costs.
    • Parents may apply for school meal costs assistance at
    • Families who have previously qualified for financial assistance with school meals MUST REAPPLY for school meal cost assistance by the end of September each school year.
    • Parents may go to the school to pay directly into their child’s meal account. Please avoid breakfast and lunch times to deposit funds as cafeteria staff are providing meals to students.

    Parent Visitation during Mealtimes

    Parents are welcome to join their student for breakfast. Parents who choose to join their student for breakfast will:

    • Sign in as a visitor in the office.
    • Exchange identification card for visitor badge.
    • Join student in the lunchroom.
    • Parents may bring students a breakfast of their choice, but the meal cannot be shared with other students.
    • Parents will sit with their student at the “Parent Table.”
    • Parents are not to converse with students who are not their children.
    • Parents are forbidden from taking pictures or video of their children if classmates or other children are around their child.
    • Once mealtime is over, the parent will go back to the office to sign out.
    • Parents are not to move to the student’s classroom or to recess after the mealtime is over.
    • For the 19-20 school year, students will participate in recess before lunch and must complete their lunch meal in 20 minutes to enjoy a 2nd recess or down-time in the classroom.

    Student Behavior during Breakfast and Lunch

    Student safety is priority at CCES. With a finite number of staff members and approximately 200 students eating lunch in the cafeteria at one time, students talking or laughing with a mouthful face a choking hazard.

    Students are required to stand and wait to eat until classmates are all present at the table.  Not only is waiting a courteous action, it also allows all students to finish their meals around the same time; otherwise students who finish eating early may distract others who just sat down.

    Students are encouraged to eat first and then talk quietly during breakfast and lunch times.

    Students will have 20 minutes to eat their lunch and then have 10 minutes of recess after lunch.

    Talking may be prohibited by school staff on cafeteria duty to help students understand when it is appropriate to talk – after they are finished with their meals.

    Students may talk quietly to students sitting next to them or directly across from them. Students shouting in the cafeteria is prohibited.

    Lunch recess will be a reward for appropriate lunchroom behavior. Lunch recess is a privilege, not a right.

    Students who make a mess with their food will be required to clean up their mess.

    Students who habitually make a mess with their food will help custodial staff clean the cafeteria.