Parent Involvement

  • We at Clear Creek Elementary School believe that a parent’s role in education is vital for a child’s success. Parental involvement is known to increase a child’s school performance and to build stronger families.

    Parent involvement includes more than volunteering time at school. CCES encourages parental involvement through home activities, daily school participation, and educational opportunities and events held during and after school throughout the school community such as:

    • Committee Meetings
    • Family Activities
    • Early Literacy Programs
    • Open House/Parent Meetings
    • Field Day/Career Day
    • Parenting Workshops
    • Parents wishing to volunteer at CCES may help teachers in many ways. Parents may help by:
    • Providing their own career expertise or talent to help the teacher with student projects and/or instruction
    • Reading to students or having students read to them
    • Mentoring students
    • Volunteering during P.E.
    • Volunteering during music
    • At home:
    • Preparing projects for teachers
    • Cutting out items from lamination film

    The possibilities are endless! Please contact the school’s Parent Liaison. 

    For further district information, see the KISD Student Handbook and District Information toward the back of this book.