Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • Each teacher has time set aside during the school day to conference with parents.  Parents may request a conference as needed; however, all CCES teachers are required to conference with parents after each progress report and/or report card when a student demonstrates a failing grade in reading, writing, math, science, and/or social studies.

    • To schedule a conference, call the school office at 254-336-1550, leave a message, and the teacher will return your call; or, you may contact the teacher through your student.
    • Once a date and time is agreed upon, sign in for your conference in the school office. Have ID ready to exchange for a visitor badge. (See Smart-Check Procedures if this is your first visit to CCES.)
    • In the event the conference is not finished in the time allotted, please respect the teacher’s and students’ time by allowing the teacher to return to his/her students when his/her conference time is up. Another conference time may be scheduled to finish the conference.
    • Once the conference is complete, return to the office, sign out, return the visitor badge, and retrieve your ID.


    For further district information, see KISD Student Handbook and District Information toward the back of this book