Textbooks and Library Books

  • Student textbooks and library books are the property of the State of Texas.

    Textbooks must always be covered.

    Book covers are furnished and are free to the student.

    Library books need not be covered; however, covers to library books must be protected.

    Students losing or destroying a textbook or library book will be charged the purchase price for replacement. 

    Parents will sign a permission slip so students may check out books.

    Fines may be assessed for minor damage to textbooks and/or library books.

    By state law, schools have the right to deny the assignment of textbooks or library books to students until all previous textbook and library fines have been cleared.

    A text or library book for classroom use only may be issued until fines are cleared.


    For further district information, see KISD Student Handbook and District Information toward the back of this book.