• Clear Creek serves approximately 850 students each school year. Traditionally, students in PK3-1st grade greatly outnumber students in second through fifth grades. Fort Hood housing regulations require the adult supervision of PK-1st grade students as they travel to and from school. At dismissal, most traffic exits the campus to the right. The two lanes closest to the campus have been closed since the Fort Hood shootings on November 5, 2009.

    One lane exists to leave Clear Creek and that lane merges with traffic on Washington Street. At dismissal, most of the school traffic turns right toward the neighborhoods of Kouma and Liberty.

    Given all above factors, dismissal can be quite hectic.

    Fort Hood as well as KISD personnel are aware of the congestion that occurs at dismissal time. We all ask for your patience and courtesy as the primary goal at dismissal is to ensure students are dismissed to parents/guardians and that all leave campus safely.

    Please remember when a bus is stopped with blinking lights, STOP!!!