Wet / Soiled Clothing

  • Below is the Killeen ISD published operational procedure for students entering school who may be prone to potty accidents. While we recognize that there are exceptions and a few students may need some support with potty accidents, parents must ensure their children are ready to attend school for academic purposes, not for potty-training purposes.

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    General Information

    The district procedure for wet or soiled clothing should be included in the campus section of the student handbook.

    Parents of all PK and K students must provide an extra set of clothing (to include shirt, shorts, pants, underwear, socks, and shoes) labeled with the child’s name in a grocery sack or Ziploc bag. The clothing will be stored in the classroom.  At the change of seasons, the clothing should be sent home to be replaced by season-appropriate clothing.

    If a child is unable to change his/her own clothing, the parent will be required to come to the school to change the student’s clothing. 

    Before assisting any child with zippers, buttons, clasps or belts, permission from the child will be obtained.  

    The school will not provide clothing for any student.  The parent must provide all changes of clothing.

    If a child appears ill (no energy, pale, stomach cramps) and has diarrhea (liquid stool), they will be sent to the clinic for evaluation.  

    Wet Clothing   PK3 – 5th Grade

    The teacher will allow the student to change their wet clothes in the classroom restroom.  The teacher will notify the parent.  The teacher will send the wet clothes home in the bag that was provided by the parent for the dry clothes.

    If the classroom does not have a restroom, a staff member can accompany the student to the restroom where the student will change his/her clothes in the restroom. 

    If the child has wet his/her clothes, he or she will clean themselves with wipes, change their clothes, place their clothes in a bag and wash their hands before returning to the learning environment. 

    Most students should be able to change wet clothing by themselves.  However, if the child needs assistance with zippers, buttons, belts or clasps, a staff person can assist with a minimal task, and then allow the child to remove the clothing by himself/herself.

    If clothing is not provided and/or the child is unable to change by themselves, the parent will bring a change of clothes and change their child.                                                                                                                              

    The child cannot be sent home on the bus or to after school day care with wet clothing.

    Soiled Clothing PK3 – 5th Grade

    If the child has soiled his/her clothes, the parent will be called immediately and required to come and take care of the child’s personal needs as soon as possible.  The child will await the parent in a campus designated area (not to include the clinic) and be given the option to stand until the parent arrives.  

    The parent may take the child home to properly clean the child.  The parent may return the student back to school once he/she is in clean clothes.

    The child cannot be sent home on the bus or to after school day care with soiled clothing.

    Students Who Are in Transition

    The student is to wear pull-ups instead of diapers.

    The parent is to send extra pull-ups, wipes, a change of clothes and grocery bags (to send wet clothes home in) labeled with the child’s name.

    The procedures for wet/soiled pull-ups will be in accordance with the procedures for wet/soiled clothing listed above.