• The clinic staff at Shoemaker High School would like to share some information about our clinic with you.

    Health History
    All students are required to have a health history on file in the clinic. These are to be filled out each year by the parent/guardian. The information on this form is used to provide appropriate and safe care to your child. Health problems, allergies, physical restrictions, medications as well as any other pertinent information should be noted on the form.

    Parent Notification
    Parents/guardians will be called to pick up their child for the following reasons:

    • Fever of 100.4 or greater;
    • Actively vomiting;
    • Head lice;
    • Possible contagious eye or skin condition;
    • Severe injury requiring medical or nurse's discretion.

    Emergency Care
    If there is an emergency, we will try to contact you. If you or your emergency contacts cannot be found and it is necessary 911 will be called and your child will be taken to the hospital by ambulance. Parents are responsible for the bill. For the safety of your child, it is imperative that we have your home, work, cell and at least two additional emergency contact numbers of friends or family in the surrounding area that we can call if you are unavailable.

    Routine Clinic Care
    We do basic first aid for injuries occurring during school hours. If further treatment is needed, you must contact your personal health care provider.

    • We do not diagnose illness, rashes, or broken bones.
    • We cannot give any medications unless we have a PHYSICIAN ORDER and PARENT REQUEST.
    • Ear, body piercing, and tattoos are considered cosmetic procedures. Students who choose these procedures should be prepared to care for them at home.
    • Contact solution and supplies are not provided by the clinic. Students should carry their own supplies.

    Over the Counter Medications
    The clinic does not provide over the counter medications. Students can carry and self-administer medications. As per the medication policy:

    • They must have written permission from a parent/guardian in their pocession.
    • Medication must be in the original container and taken between classes or at lunch.

    Chronic Notes
    If your student has a chronic medical condition please obtain a doctor’s note stating the medical condition and that the condition could cause your student to lose time from school.

    • This note needs to be renewed each new school year and be on file in the attendance office.
    • The Attendance Office will still need a written parent note for the absence.

    NO SHOTS = NO SCHOOL. If you receive notification that your child is delinquent with immunizations, your child will not be allowed to attend school after the date specified. If your child has already received the required immunizations, you must provide the school with a copy of the record. If your child has not received the required immunizations by the exclusion date, please take your child to a clinic before bringing your child to school. Days missed for not taking care of this matter will be unexcused.

    Children in Pre-K through 12th grade must have had a minimum of one dose of varicella vaccine after the first birthday or have had chickenpox (the disease). Children, age 13 and older or in 9th grade, who have not had chickenpox or have not received the varicella vaccine by their 13th birthday must receive the vaccine in 2 doses.