The use of cell phones will be permitted before school, during passing periods, during lunch, and after school.  Cell phones must be turned off and not visible in the classroom or hallways during class time which starts at 8:45.  Example: You can use your phone during the passing period, but once the bell has rung to start class you may no longer use your phone.  If you leave class for any reason during the instructional time (for example to go to the restroom or office) your cell phone cannot be used. Once the bell rings for class to start the cell phone must be turned off and not visible and stay that way until the next passing period. An individual teacher may allow cellphone use for instructional purposes.  Using the phone as a camera or video is not acceptable at any time without administrative permission.  Recording a fight on your cell phone or any recording device is not permitted and will result in disciplinary consequences. Electronic equipment is subject to search in the event school administrators believe reasonable suspicion exists to support the search.

    If a teacher sees a phone out in the classroom during a time when the phone is not being used as an instructional tool, a referral will be written and the student will receive one day of ISS. Additional referrals will result in more days assigned as consequences for violating the cell phone policy.

    ***Students receiving a parent or family phone call or text message during class is not a valid excuse to answer the phone and disciplinary consequences will occur. If parents need to reach their student with an emergency they need to call the front office at 254-336-7208.


    Cell phones, iPods, laptops, iPads, and other electronic devices brought to school need to be secured as they are brought AT YOUR OWN RISK.  We are not responsible for the security of these items.