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  • Haynes Elementary 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year

    A picture of Ms. Flick

    We are very proud to announce Ms. Flick from 4th Grade as our teacher of the year! Thank you for all that you do for your students and Haynes! 

  • Haynes Elementary Parent Leadership Academy

    1st Semester ’19-20 SY

    Picture of principal, parent liaison, and parent leadership grads

    Angie Donovan, Principal; Brenda Vailuu, Haynes Parent; Yolisbel Miranda, Haynes Parent; Seoyoung Nunez, Haynes Parent and Dedee Shannon, Parent Liaison

    “…the class has so much information for parents, like how staff & students work together, test scores and the Gifted & Talented Program.  We did hands on training and learned a lot about writing mission statements for our families. I have learned how to communicate better with my child and family.” Brenda Vailuu

    “…Parent Leadership Academy is the best way to get know your child’s school.  I had the opportunity to connect the faces with the names, I learned from the mission how to handle an educational assignment with my child. It was a great opportunity to connect with other parents and learn from one another as well.  All my questions have been answered.”  Yolisbel Miranda

    “…When I heard about Parent Leadership Academy, I hesitated if I should attend this or not.  I was wondering if the meeting would help me learn more about my child’s school.  I know everybody is busy but sometimes we need to know about our children’s school a little more such as what are they teaching and how are students graded on assignments.  Not only did we learn about the academic program, but we also learned how to improve family relationships at home, so our children can work better at school.  I really enjoyed this class with Mrs. Shannon and the other parents.  Thank you so much for providing this great program.”  Seoyoung Nunez