• Harker Heights High School

    After School Activities Dress Code & Requirements


    Attending a school activity such as a dance, banquet, or award ceremony, is a privilege. Although the dress code for after school events is not as strict as the dress code for the regular school day, reasonable expectations exist.  If a student attends a school function in clothing that the administration deems inappropriate, the student will be asked to change before admission to the event is allowed.  If the student chooses not to change, then he/she will not be allowed to enter.  This dress code applies to all dances, award ceremonies, and banquets.



    Dresses, skirts, or gowns may not be shorter than 6 inches from the center of the crease at the back of the knee, cannot plunge more than 5 inches from the base of the center of the neck in the front or 14 inches from the base of the back of the neck in the back, cannot be see through or sheer, or constructed in a way that exposes undergarments.  If a student is wearing an outfit that, as a result of normal activities (dancing), violates any part of the dress code, the student will be allowed 1 opportunity to correct the shortcoming then on subsequent violation will be asked to leave. Strapless dresses must not show cleavage and must be accompanied by a cover-up.



    Boys may not wear sandals, flip flops, open-toed shoes, shorts, pants with holes, t-shirts, or under-shirts as outer wear.  Shirts must be tucked in, and pants must be worn at the waist.


    Other Notes

    Students who are denied access to a dance, for any of these or other code violation, will not receive a refund for the cost of the ticket.

    Any Student who wishes to spend all or part of an activity arguing with administration about policy, may miss the opportunity to correct the violation and return to the event.  This is the student’s choice.

     HHHS Staff Members are not responsible for a student missing any event because of being denied access.  Parents and students must take the appropriate steps to insure that the student’s attire complies with policy, before arriving at the event.  Any students who are denied access because of a dress code violation, is encouraged to make the appropriate correction so that he/she can attend the event.  But this is up to the student.


    Addendum for Prom

    Prom is a formal event so students are expected to wear more formal attire than other activities.  In addition to the previous dress code policies, students attending prom are also restricted from wearing jeans or polo style shirts. Students may show no more than 2” of midriff. NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS.


    All Events

    Students are required to have a Current School ID in their procession at all school or District events.  Students will not be allowed to participate in any after school activities without a current school ID.  Student Activities does not print IDs after school, so students must make sure that they purchase ID during the appropriate times.