• Fourth Grade Teachers

    Meet the 4th Grade Team

    Grade Level Beliefs

    In this ever changing world, students must be better prepared to deal with its complexity and demands.

    We, as teachers, believe:

    • every child has special and unique abilities
    • building relationships, there- fore parental involvement is crucial
    • in creating engaging lessons and activities that challenge students to expand their knowledge
    • in a structured and safe learning environment
    • the only failure is a failure to try

    Intended Learning

    • Our students will write engaging, cohesive, and concise expository compositions that demonstrate a mastery of the English language.
    • Our students will use math skills to problem solve and apply those skills efficiently to real-life situations
    • Our students will make sense of the world around them through experimental investigations
    • Our students will be knowledgeable about Texas history, geography, economics, government, and culture
    • Our students will be able to use computers to research, communicate, and evaluate appropriate technology for the task at hand
    • Our students will read, write, speak, and comprehend at higher levels reflecting on a wide variety of topics


    Decorative Scroll

    How to Help at Home

    • Ask your child to summarize their learning for the day
    • Make sure your child reads nightly
    • Practice multiplication facts daily
    • Look at the work sent home in the Tuesday folder and ask them questions about the assignments


    What lies ahead on our journey to success

    •  Fabulous Fridays
    •  Math and Science Night
    •  Science Bonanza
    •  Field Day
    •  Field Trip
    •  Dance Extravaganza

    Extra Curricular Activities

    •  Science Squad
    •  Choir
    •  MineCraft
    •  Art Club
    •  Destination Imagination