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    Meet Our Coaches

    From left to right: Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Garcia, and Mrs. Hubbard

    Physical Education Beliefs

    • Each student is unique and can perform at higher levels.
    • Students will give their attention and commitment when provided engaging, fun activities.
    • Each member of the district has the responisbility to ensure quailty experiences.
    • We can achieve more by working and playing together.
    • Every teacher is a leader and every leader is a teacher.
    • The future depends upon the success of public school systems

    Intended Learnings

    • Our students will learn to perform fundamental motor skills
    • Our students will engage in activities to improve hand-eye coordination.
    • Our students will begin to understand how the muscles, bones, heart, and lungs function in relation to physical activity.
    • Our students will learn rules and procedures for simple games and apply safety practices associated with physical activities
    • Our students will learn age-specific skills and the health benefits of physical activity.
    • Our students will learn to match different types of physical activities to health-related fitness components and explain ways to improve fitness based on the principles of frequency, intensity, and time.
    • Our students will learn the etiquette of participation and can resolve conflicts during games and sports in acceptable ways. 

    Benefits of being Physically Active

    1. Improves overall health: healthier heart, healthy bones, muscle, and joints
    2. Reduces your risk for diseases
    3. Increased burning of calories
    4. Better able to cope with stress
    5. Increased Energy
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