• All information is not always good or necessary information. Help children to understand and manage the changes by providing age appropriate information. What your preschooler, 3rd grader and 5th grader are told might be different from what your 7th grader and 11th grader are told. Be sure that you give them a chance to tell you what they know. They might have all the information that they need or the wrong information. Below are only a few resources to help you talk with children about COVID-19, adjusting to change and coping skills. Pick the resource most appropriate for the child. Remember to review the information ahead of time or with the child.





    There are many fun things that you can do, by yourself or with your family, while you are at home besides watching television and playing video games. What about doing something different? Trying new things is sometimes fun and exciting. Who knows, you might discovery a new interest or talent. Here are a few ideas to get you started.  

    • Make a dance video
    • Have a dance competition old school dances vs new school dances
    • Draw a family picture
    • Write about this experience to share
    • Put together a 1000 piece puzzle
    • Give your parent a math test
    • Play charades
    • Make-up funny stories or stories with surprise endings
    • Make-up a family handshake, song or dance
    • Read a book you never read before
    • Teach yourself origami
    • Talk with your family instead of texting your friends
    • Make puppets and put on a show

    Remember, you will not always be in this situation.