• Pre-K Teachers

    Meet the Pre-K Team

    Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Aviles, and Mrs. Dennis in the back; Mrs. Oliver, and Mrs. Strover in the front

    We believe…

    That each student is unique and will be provided engaging, developmentally appropriate instruction and activities. Each student will achieve more when families and teachers work together. We believe that Cedar Valley staff has the responsibility to ensure learning experiences for your child.

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    Our Intended Learning…

    Students will be able to comprehend what they hear in conversations and in stories read aloud.

    Students will experience rapid growth in their understanding of words and word meanings.

    Students will understand concepts of numbers, patterns, measurement, shapes, space and classification.

    Students will use their senses and common tools to make observations, collect information by asking questions and communicate findings.


    • Read to your child every night
    • Check their backpack every day for notes, read and sign their behavior chart
    • Look at the work your child brings home and ask questions about their work
    • Review colors, shapes, numbers and letters with your child
    • Assist with your child’s homework every week


    Colorful Crayons


    PreK Daily Schedule

  • Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year

    Parent Information


    School Hours

    • Doors open 7:30
    • Class begins 8:05
    • Students will not be called from class after 3:15 for dismissal procedures
    • Dismissal 3:35
    • Office Closed at 4:00 

    TARDY & Early Pick up Policy

    • Unexcused Tardy

      • 8:05—Tardy
      • 1 free tardy per 9 wk.
      • 2 or more tardies—lunch study hall
    • Unexcused Early Pick up

      • 3:35—Dismissal
      • 1 free early pick up (before 3:35) per 9 wk.
      • 2 or more—lunch study hall 

    Cafeteria Meal Costs

    • Student Breakfast $1.50
    • Student Lunch $2.50
    • Student & Adult Milk $.75
    • Adult Breakfast $2.50
    • Adult Lunch $3.75

    Breakfast & Lunch Visitation

    • No eating with students the first two weeks of school
    • Follow policy in handbook
    • Dress appropriately
    • Sit at the Family Dining Table
    • Visitation ends once your child joins their class
    • Refrain from sugary drinks 

    First Week

    • For the first week of school parents are allowed to walk their child to the Pre-K classroom beginning at 7:30. 


    • A snack calendar will be sent home monthly. It’s imperative that you bring snack on your assigned day because we have a late lunch.
    • If you are not able to bring snack on your day, please notify your child’s teacher.  


    • One for each classmate (teacher too)
    • Provided to student during the last 20 minutes of the school day
    • Parents are not allowed to accompany the cupcakes to the classroom
    • Please contact teacher if there are any allergies in the classroom and be prepared to provide an alternative
    • Stick with cupcake. Cakes get messy!
    • We don’t have Birthday Parties!
    • No Home Made Goodies 

    Ways we Communicate

    • Connect Ed Calls
    • Tuesday Folder
    • Weekly Parent Letter
    • Marquee
    • Website 

    Cell Phones

    • Students may have cell phones however KISD policy states, that they must be turned off and in the owner’s book bag 

    What are my child’s grades?

    • Report Cards
    • Weekly Tuesday Folders 


    • Students are expected to return their homework by Friday of each week. 

    Visitation Policy

    (A comprehensive list can be found in the handbook)

      • Dress appropriately
      • Parents & Guardians only
      • *No cell phones or electronic device
      • *No young children tagging along
      • Complete the online observation request
      • *No talking or redirecting your child
      • *Please sit in the back of the room.
      • *Thirty minutes maximum per day


    (A comprehensive list can be found in the handbook)

    • Students are expected to follow the KISD campus code of conduct
    • Teachers will communicate their classroom rules and policies
    • Students that maintain good behavior each month will be invited to participate in a monthly reward
    • Students that misbehave will lose opportunities such as recess and/or attending school functions. 

    Behavior Plan

    • The day will begin with each child’s name on blue.
    • First warning -name is changed to green and the child goes to the thinking zone in the class.
    • Second warning–name is changed to yellow. The child goes to the thinking zone in another pre-K.
    • Third warning - phone call/ note sent home. Name is changed to red and the child will visit another pre-K thinking zone. 
    • Each student will have many opportunities to receive verbal praise and personal satisfaction of a job well done. Each teacher will have behavior incentive awards and privileges 

    Morning Drop Off

    • PK- enter Pre-Kindergarten doors
    • K - 1st grade enter through Kindergarten doors
    • 2nd-5th grade enter through Main doors
    • Park if walking child into school
    • Hug zone at the security doors
    • Keep the loops flowing 

    Dismissal Procedures

    • PK-2– left loop
    • 3rd-5th—Right Loop
    • Siblings Right Loop
    • Exit & enter curb side
    • Display Car Tag in Window
    • Replacements from main office
    • Stay with your car 


    • Backpack, lunch box, a bath towel, jackets and any money or notes to give to the teacher.
    • Provide one set of labeled, seasonally appropriate clothes to stay in the backpack.

    Parental Responsibility

    • Leaving my child unattended or allowing my child to arrive on School grounds prior to 7:30 may be considered child neglect.
    • Failure to pick up my child after school later than 3:50 may also be considered child neglect.
    • Repeated incidences of early drop offs and/or late pickups may result in reports to Child Protective Services and/or the Police
    • Maintain correct and current up-to-date information on the student data card
    • Knowledge that contacts not listed on the child’s enrollment card will not be able to pick up a student. Please make arrangements in advance to add additional contacts.


    If you plan to attend field trips or to volunteer in the building, you will need to complete a volunteer background check form.

    These can be found in the office or at the KISD website – special program volunteer link.