• Computer Lab Instructions

    You may only sign up for 5 days of lab time per calendar month. You may NOT request more time for the next month until after the 3rd day of lab time has been completed. This is to allow all teachers an opportunity to use the labs throughout the year. Any exceptions to this rule must be approved by Ms. Hill.

    If you need to miss a scheduled lab time, you need to notify me as soon as
    possible so that we can make the lab available to other teachers.

    Do NOT schedule a lab when you have a substitute. Substitutes should not use mobile labs nor should they be taking classes to 205, 305, or 405. If you have a substitute on a day you are scheduled for a lab, then you need to make alternative plans for your substitute.

    General use labs are available in Room 205, 305, and 405.

    Additionally, there are two full-sized mobile labs that can be checked out by any teacher on campus: Mobile 1 and Mobile 2. Each one may contain a full class set, but that’s not guaranteed.

    If you would like to reserve a time for your class to use one of the labs, please do the following.
    1. Check the calendar link for the lab you are interested in by going to the Palo Alto website and clicking Teacher Links on the left.

    2. Once you have found an open time, email Samuel.farmer@killeenisd.org the following:

    a. Your Name (and Room Number if Mobile Lab)
    b. Which lab you are requesting
    c. Dates you are requesting (Only 5 per calendar month)
    d. For 205, 305, and 405, which periods you need it (Mobile Labs will be checked out for the entire day)
    e. Software you will be using
    f. Lesson Plan connections or why you need the lab
    g. Any other information that you feel is pertinent to your request

    3. Login

    The login for students is:
    Username: s + ID Number
    Password: Initial password is Welcome2KISD

    4. Mobile Lab Procedures

    a. Locks
    The combination for the lock is (Ask Mr. Farmer). Guard the lock.
    Do not leave the lock just hanging on the lab. It will get stolen. Lock
    the cart when not in use. Do not give this combination to students
    or substitutes. Cover the combination when you are opening the
    cart. Lock the lock onto the door when the doors are open.
    b. Begin putting away the laptops well before the end of the period. It
    takes several minutes to do it properly.
    c. Have students shut the laptops down at the end of the day. Once the
    screen turns black, count 10 seconds, then close lid.
    d. If you find a computer that is not working, email Mr. Farmer the KISD
    number of the laptop and a description of what is wrong with it.
    f. The mobile labs are marked with their names: Mobile Lab 1, Mobile
    Lab 2.
    g. You need to supervise the students closely. One of the things they like
    to do is pull the keys off the keyboard. A new topcase has to be
    purchased when they do this. They’re expensive.
    g. The number of laptops in a lab varies due to breakage and other needs
    on the campus. Don’t expect a class set. The number is usually in
    the mid-twenties.
    h. On the inside of the door of the cart is a list of laptops that should be in
    that cart. Check the inventory frequently. Count the laptops at the
    end of every period BEFORE the students leave.
    i. Do not hand out laptops to other teachers. Keep the cart intact.
    j. Do not use the carts when you have a substitute.
    k. I will inventory the cart when you get it and when I pick it up.

    LINKS for Lab Calendars


    Lab 205 - 30 Computers

    Lab 305 - 30 Computers

    Lab 405 - 30 Computers


    Mobile Lab 1 - 28 Windows Laptops

    Mobile Lab 2 - 29 Windows Laptops