• Mission


    •  To provide a positive school experience for all members of the school community
    •  To model skills and behaviors necessary for growing, learning, and building relationships      
    •  To devote ourselves to the academic progress of each child 
    •  To celebrate the talents of our students


  • Vision


    Venable Village Elementary is an outstanding school where all members

    of the school community feel valued, respected, and as lifelong

    learners are inspired to reach their full potential.



  •                                                                 FOCUS

    We at Venable Village will utilize a variety of teaching strategies to meet the

    individual learning needs of each child while following state and

    district guidelines. Social skills will be taught and modeled in a safe,

    nurturing environment to enhance self-esteem and encourage success. 

    We will utilize a variety of assessment tools for the purpose of

    determining student needs and achievement.Focus