Yellow, important notice stamp for parents
  • In order to make the first days of school more successful for your child, here are a few suggestions:

    1. We will have staff members available in the halls to help the students during the first few days find their classrooms. K-5th grade parents are invited to walk their children to class the first week of school. PK parents are invited to walk with their children the first two weeks. Following the first week, all students will walk independently to class. Parents must then drop off students at the enclosed entryway, which we call the “Drop-Off Zone.”
    2. Harker Heights Elementary is limited in parking! In order to maximize safety and space for walkers, riders and bus students, we have designated drop-off’s and pick-up locations. With your help, all transportation runs much smoother.
      1. The front parking lot on Ann Blvd. is reserved for parent-guest parking and for riding students’ drop-off and pickup.
      2. All driving parents are asked to use the front parking lot for child drop-off.
    3. Be sure your child understands what to do after Your child’s teacher needs to know if your child is going to be riding a bus, be picked up by a daycare and which daycare, be picked up by an adult or older sibling, or walk home. 3rd-5th grade students may walk home and may pick up younger siblings. PK-2nd grade students must be picked up by an adult or older sibling. Any changes in the child’s regular schedule should be IN WRITING through a note to the teacher.  Remember - school ends at 3:00 p.m. and your child should be picked up promptly.
      1. Adults picking up students will be requested to present identification. This is each time in the office and each time there is a substitute at dismissal. At the beginning of the year, each teacher will check identification for each adult. Once the teachers know the persons picking up the child, they will not require identification at dismissal from the playground. Still, adults are asked to bring identification each day for picking up students. This is for safe dismissal of each child.
      2. PK children will be dismissed from the PK playground on good weather days. K-2nd grade children will be dismissed from the Ann playground. Each grade level has a separate area and each class has a separate line. 3rd-5th grade children will be dismissed from the Harley exits, if walking. The 3rd-5th grade car riders may exit the front doors. Some 3rd-5th parents choose to park at New Deliverance Church on Harley. Please be mindful that this is their parking lot and respect their activities. Also be mindful, that these children must cross in the designated crosswalks and not through the middle of the street!
      3. The side parking lot on Bobwhite and the back parking lot on Harley is reserved for faculty parking. All daycare transporters are asked to pick up their students in the designated area on Bobwhite. To be considered a daycare transporter, it must be a registered daycare like Care for Tots or Imagination Station.
      4. Dove is reserved for bus transportation. Parents are not to park on Dove and walk children between the buses!
      5. Bus students will be escorted to the bus loop by staff personnel. The bus loop is on Dove.
      6. Daycare students will be escorted to the Bobwhite parking lot by staff personnel.
    • As you can see, dismissal is very organized. This is for safety of all children. Please follow our dismissal procedures. Should there be inclement weather, all walking and car riding students will be kept in their classes until parents come to the rooms for individual pickup. We will safely transport bus students and day care riders to their locations prior to allowing parents down the halls.
    1. Lunch and breakfast are provided for free to each child at Harker Heights

    Elementary School. Your child may choose to bring their lunch. There will also be items like ice cream or bottled water that will be for sale later in the school year on designated days by the cafeteria.

    1. You will also receive a letter from the teacher explaining classroom procedures and expectations. Each child at Harker Heights receives a “take-home folder.” This folder will contain daily communication from the classroom teacher. They also have space for parents to communicate with the classroom teacher. This is a valuable tool that will keep you informed of what your child is learning.

    We welcome you to HHES! Communication is the key to success for your child’s education.  If you have any concerns or questions, please contact your child’s teacher at 336-2050.  We are here to help you.




    Carolyn Dugger


    Harker Heights Elementary