A Note from the Principal

  • Welcome to Montague Village, the home of the Longhorns, the best in the west!  We are so happy to be able to work with your children. They are our future, and we take our responsibility very seriously! We are in the business of changing lives!  I want to share with you some of our values and beliefs.

    We believe that each child is capable of growing in his/her educational journey. We focus on a growth mindset here, where growth is celebrated. Did you know that research suggest that we learn best when we have a productive struggle? Can you think of a time when you were learning how to do something new and it was a little difficult? With some guidance and help you learned how to accomplish the task. This is how we help your child to learn. The curriculum is difficult. Our teachers provide lessons, which require students to think and provide textual evidence to support their thinking. This starts in pre-k3. We are preparing students for jobs that don’t even exist yet. We want them to be able to think. When your child comes home and talks about hard tasks, the best advice you can give them is to keep trying, you haven’t learned it yet, but you will! We give “Golden Pencil” awards to students who showed evidence of working hard, not necessarily getting 100%.

    Another belief that we have is that all students will be future leaders. This can occur in the army, a hospital, a department store, a lawyer’s office, a computer company, or President of the United States! A leader is someone who does the right thing even when someone is not watching. That is what we want our students to practice. Being kind, caring, considerate, helpful, and loyal are necessary traits for future success. We want your child to learn how to practice and use these skills for their future. We teach the seven habits of effective people.  This is based on the work of Stephen Covey.

    They are:
    Be Proactive
    Begin with the end in mind
    Put first things first
    Think Win-Win
    Seek first to understand, then be understood
    Sharpen the saw

    We believe that teaching and learning is hard work. All of our teachers work hard before school, during school, and after school to ensure your child has the best lessons prepared daily. We spend our nonpaid summers to take classes to learn the best techniques for teaching math, reading, science, writing and social studies. We expect our students to try and work hard. Education is the key to future success!

    Education can change a life! It takes hard work and commitment. Will you partner with us to help your child fulfill his/her dreams?

    Thank you!