• Union Grove Library

    Librarian: Ms. Connell

    Library Assistant: Ms. Webster

    Phone 336-6592

    Hours of Operation:

    7:25 am to 4:00 pm

    -Students may come to the library before school begins, during lunch, and after school to:

    read, study, do homework, check books in & out, renew books, pay fines, buy ID’s

    -Students are expected to use quiet voices and be respectful of others in the library.

    -Books and Audiobooks are checked out for 10 school days or 2 weeks.

    -Overdue books/items are charged 5 cents per day per book.

    -With parent permission slips signed and turned in, laptop computers are checked out for 3 days with a $1 per day overdue fine.

    -Ms. Connell schedules library informational skills classes with the Reading or ELA teachers every other week. Overdue notices are printed out and given to students every 2 weeks.

    -Parents are e-mailed overdue notices once a month if there is a working e-mail.

    -To check your child’s library record, go to the KISD webpage, Parents & Students tab, Library Online link,

    choose Union Grove MS, login using student’s username and password, click on MY INFO tab.

    School supplies available for purchase:

    Black ink pens – $0.50

    Mechanical pencils – $0.50

    Eraser sticks – $0.50

    Notebook paper pads – $0.75

    Stylus blue ink pens – $0.75