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Our Story - All about Trimmier

Trimmier Elementary School opened in the fall of 1998. We celebrate diversity and successes within our Trimmier family. We are not just a neighborhood school, we have many students bused from other neighborhoods. Trimmier is a Bilingual campus.

Our enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year is projected for 834 students; we currently have 834 students enrolled. Trimmier serves a diversified student population with: 38.51% Black, 3.73% Asian, 20.54%, White, 1.52% Pacific Islander, 30.81% Hispanic, 1.17% Indian, and 3.73% are two or more races. 69.19% of our student population receives Free or Reduced Lunches, 7.35% in Special Education, 3% 504 Students, 36.87% At-risk, 1.87% Dyslexia, 1.05% Homeless, and 12.95% LEP. In addition, 33.84% are Military Family Members, and 6.07% have a civilian parent working on post. We will continue to have a high percentage of bussed students once again this year. The Student Alpha Listing by School and Grade report states that at this time we have 711 students riding buses to Trimmier.

Trimmier is a school-wide Title I campus and receives Title I and At-Risk funds. We are a Title I campus due to 69.19 % of the student population receiving free and reduced lunches. Title I funds are used to fund additional staff members to provide academic support for our students. Five instructional aides will assist in instruction of At-Risk and Title One students in first through fifth grade. Trimmier has also chosen to put money toward four Title I teachers.

Title I money is also used to fund a full-time Parent Liaison to facilitate the partnership between school, home and the community. State Compensatory Education funds are used to fund

Although Trimmier has an open door policy, certain policies and procedures are in place to guarantee the safety of all students and staff. All exterior doors around the building, except the main entrance, are locked to facilitate parents signing in at the main office where a visitor badge is issued to each visitor. A 100% ID check continues for student sign out. A proactive emphasis on prevention and intervention of disruptive behaviors has been implemented into the curriculum. Teachers and staff use Positive Incentives in classrooms with a focus on three central expectations: Respect, Responsibility, and Safety. Student Expectations are taught throughout the year. The Boys Town model is utilized to support expectations by providing students with the skills to develop self-managed behavior. The counselor teaches social skills through her guidance program. The administrators use a variety of consequences for persistent misconduct and serious violations. Our school counselor will continue to work using Character Counts to improve self-esteem in children campus wide. Campus awards will be given each semester to recognize various achievements, especially most improved citizenship. 

The faculty and staff at Trimmier Elementary are excited about the possibilities and opportunities open and available this year. If we believe it, we can achieve it.