• CVES Councelors   

    "Our goal as the counselors of Cedar Valley Elementary is to share valuable information with the children to help them become positive, productive citizens. We will work with parents and school personnel to ensure each child feels confident, comfortable and cared for."


  • Sailing into Success

    Our student council is nationally recognized through the National Association of Elementary School Principals.  Throughout the year, we are active in the school and community.  In the fall, we collected flavored drink packets, patriotic pictures, candy canes and notes of inspiration to send to our adopt-a-school unit that is deployed in Afghanistan.  This spring we are working on making the world a better place through recycling, using kind words, and collections to help the community. We are one of the few elementary schools to include primary students in our council.  Every classroom in 1st-5th grades has a classroom representative that attends meetings and reports back to the students in their classroom.  We believe that being a leader starts early!

    Our officers for the 2018-2019 school year are:

    President:  Gabriel Durbin

    Vice-President:  Sheila Spurlock

    Secretary:  Abigail Coffman

    Treasurer: Julia Turner

    Historian: Avril Villa

  • Volunteering

    We always need an extra pair of hands to cut, paste, decorate bulletin boards, read to kids, and many other things. Contact the counselors at 336-1480 if you are interested.

  • Background Check for Volunteers

    Killeen ISD provides and easy way to initiate the mandatory background check for volunteers. Click here to begin.

  • Contact Us

    Cedar Valley Elementary
    c/o Brandi Caroll or
    Ashleigh Hodyniak
    4801 Chantz Drive
    Killeen, TX 76542

    Brandi.Carroll@killeenisd.org, Ashleigh.Hodyniak@killeenisd.org or call 254 336-1480

    Parent Liason

    C. Acosta
    Cedar Valley Elementary
    4801 Chantz Drive
    Killeen, TX 76542
    (254) 336-1480