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    What we do, who we are and how to contact us.

    We, as school counselors, work alongside teachers, staff and parents/guardians to help students develop socially and emotionally. We also work to remove any barriers that students may have in learning and being in a warm learning environment.


    Mrs. Sabrina Minor-Brown




    We are excited and honored to serve the family and the students of Bellaire Elementary School. Confidentiality and your family's privacy are important to us. What you or your child discusses with a school counselor is private, except in some cases in which the law requires, such as, when abuse and/or neglect are suspected.

    Supporting Parents:

    • Helping to handle social or emotional concerns you have about your child
    • Improving parent/child communications
    • Family difficulties or concerns that affect your child at school
    • Referrals for community resources
    • Understanding the developmental changes of childhood
    • Helping your child to be on time to school every day
    • Discussing concerns about your child's academic achievement


    Parent Workshops



    Supporting Students:

    • Making and keeping friends
    • Settings goals
    • Teamwork
    • Self-Esteem
    • Making good choices
    • Being responsibe
    • Managing strong feelings
    • Conflict resolutions


    How does a student get to see a school counselor???

    • Self-referral
    • Parental referral
    • Administrative/Teacher/Staff referral
    • Referral by school friends


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