Degrees and Certifications:

School Counselors

Guidance & Counseling Department

School Counselors are certified professionals with a Master’s Degree in school counseling, including coursework in human growth and behavior, career development, assessment, and guidance services.

The guidance program at Cavazos Elementary focuses on four main areas, which are developmental guidance, responsiveservices, individual planning, and support services. Developmental guidance includes classroom lessons delivered by thecounselor on topics such as character development, social skills, personal skills, and academics. Responsive services aredesigned to address the immediate concerns of students, such as academics, peer relationships, family issues, etc. This occurs mainly in the form of individual or small group counseling. Individual planning assists students in monitoring and understanding their own development in the areas of academics, career, and personal-social development. This is provided through the guidance lessons, individual and small group counseling, and school-wide events such as Career Day. Support services include all other activities/duties performed by the counselor, but not directly related to guidance services.

Guidance Services Provided

  • Guidance lessons are delivered in whole class format and include lessons focusing on character building, bully prevention, career awareness, decision-making, understanding and managing emotions, academic success and goal setting, diversity, and friendship. Special concerns will also be addressed on an as needed basis and must be requested by the classroom teacher.
  • Individual Counseling*
  • Students may be referred to the counselor by their teacher, administrator, other school staff, or a parent. Students will also be provided with the opportunity to self-refer in a confidential manner. Parents may refer their child by contacting the counselor through phone, in writing, or in person.
  • *Please note that school counselors are certified through the State Board of Education and are not licensed to provide therapy in a school setting.
  • Small Group Counseling
  • Small group counseling will be offered for grades 1 – 5 (Pre-K and Kindergarten needs will be addressed through individual counseling). Only an adult may refer a student for small group counseling. Small group counseling will consist of six to eight sessions that will typically meet once per week for 45 minutes. Small groups offered include Managing Anger, Deployment, Separation/Divorce, Social Skills, and Self-Concept. Because students will miss instructional time on a regular basis, we will require a signed parent permission form to participate in group. Students will also be responsible for completing any work that they miss while they are attending small group.
  • Other Special Events organized by the guidance department include Career Day, Red Ribbon Week Activities, and Safety Week Activities.

Phone:  336-7002