• Meadows Elementary School does not have a standardized dress uniform, but follows the dress code standards issued in Killeen ISD's Student Code of Conduct Handbook:
    Pants, slacks, and jeans are acceptable attire. Bicycle (spandex) shorts, boxer shorts, ‘cut-offs’, and shorts or pants with holes or patches are not permitted.
    Pants or shorts shall not be more than one size too large, and must be worn at the waist, with no ‘sagging’. Shirts and blouses shall be appropriately sized and may not be worn in any way that reflects gang affiliation or may conceal contraband. Students must wear tops that cover the upper body and shoulders (ex. No halter-tops or tube tops.) Tops must also extend beyond the midriff leaving no skin exposed in the normal activities associated with school. Tank tops and similar apparel may be worn by students in Pre-K through 2, especially in hot weather.
    All pants/shorts/skirts will be worn at the waistline. “Sagging” (wearing pants below the waistline or showing underwear) is not permitted.
    As a general guideline, dress/skirt length and shorts should be no shorter than 4 inches above the top of the knee, and must allow students to walk, stoop, kneel, and sit with modesty. The rule also applies when leggings are worn.
    Students must wear footwear that is appropriate and safe for outdoor activity during school. Examples of appropriate footwear are tennis shoes, dress shoes, enclosed sandals (with a heel strap). Inappropriate footwear include but are not limited to, house slippers, flip flops, shoe skates, water shoes, and shoes with metal spikes.