• All doors to the building will be locked during the school day. Visitors will need to use the main entrance for access. Upon entry, you are to report immediately to the office. Please be patient with this process as the system is to ensure that your child is able to learn in a safe environment.

    Faculty and Staff have been directed to stop anyone in the building without a badge and ask them to report to the office to officially sign in. This not only gives us tighter security control, but a way to account for all people in the building should an emergency situation arise.

    As in the past, parents are to report to the office to sign students out. Unless the parent has a specific purpose to visit the classroom, they will be asked to remain in the office and the child will be called to the office for dismissal. If the parent has a specific reason to visit the classroom (i.e. student presentation, pre-arranged conference), he or she will follow the procedure for a visitor and be issued a badge.

    Your understanding and cooperation will be appreciated.