• Central Texas College Fast Track Program provides one-on-one support to help KISD seniors through the college admissions process to provide a smooth transition from high school to college. Mrs. Denney has scheduled the following dates for the KISD Career Center CCALL Seniors:

    TSI Assessment Opportunities  Sept 26, Oct 17, Nov 7, Dec 5,                   KCC Scholarship Office (Room 409)
                                                                 Jan 16, Feb 13 or Mar 5                               Sign up prior to testing day  
    Application & Info Session       Jan 29 & 30, 2020                                  KCC Scholarship Office (Room 409) 
                  CTC Application Directions                                                                   During one class period
                  Bacterial Meningitis uploaded to Magnus Health

    College Advising                      March 25 & 26, 2020                               KCC Scholasrhip Office (Room 409)                        
                    CTC Scholarship Instructions                                                             Called down for 10-15 minute session

    Tour of CTC                              April 30, 2020                                           CTC 9:00 AM- 2:30 PM (meet near front office at 8:50)       
                                                                                                                                 Must turn in permission slip to attend

    Registration for Spring 2020 (Oct 21-Jan 10)             
         Spring Classes starts Jan 13 & end May 10
    Registration for Summer 2020 (April 6-May 29)
         Summer 10 week classes start June 1 & end Aug 9
         Summer I Classes start June 1 & end July 5
         Summer II Classes start July 6 & end Aug 9
    Registration for Fall 2020 (May 11-Aug 21)                   
         Fall Classes start Aug 24 & end Dec 13

    RESOURCES (links to a wide variety of CTC info from Academic Support to WebAdvisor)
    WebAdvisor Technical Assistance (3 pages)
    WebAdvisor Student Registration Guide (7 pages)
    Registering for CTC Classes Presentation To view the presentation, you must save it to your computer
    Template for Creating a College Schedule