• Dear Willow Springs Family,

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our collaborative teaching initiative. As you know from our mission statement, Willow Springs is committed to promoting a positive learning community through engagCo teaching ing instruction. We believe that collaborative teaching has the potential to benefit both students and teachers as we continue to make our mission a reality.

    So, what is collaborative teaching? Collaborative teaching means two certified teachers will be working together in your child’s classroom providing support, enrichment, and differentiation so that your child can learn to their maximum potential. Both teachers will be focused on grade level TEKS (our Texas state curriculum) and have been trained to work together using various teaching structures. In addition to working in the classrooms, collaborative teaching partners spend additional planning time before school starts to prepare lessons and analyze data. We understand that children do not all learn alike or at the same pace. Collaborative teaching allows more flexibility in meeting the needs of all children.

    We currently have collaborative teachers in grades 1 through 5. We have 4 Instructional Coaches with a combined 40+ years of teaching experience, and our ELL and Special Education teachers are also part of this initiative. These teachers go into classrooms for approximately 45 minutes of instructional time.

    We are very excited about this opportunity and believe it will provide great benefits      for our school! If you have further questions, please contact your child’s teacher.


    Thank you,

    Erica Green, Angela Sayers, Sharron Zapp, and Dorothy Phillips