• Look below for the Bellaire Handbook. Please read the document, print out the first page, date and sign and turn into the principal's administrative assistant. Thank you.

    Bellaire Staff Handbook 17-18

    Bellaire Staff Handbook 18-19

    Bellaire Staff Handbook 19-20


    School Room Maps:

    Below are maps of the technology labs for room 105 and 116. They were made using the Pages app on the Mac, this is a Mac only app. You can download the Pages version to edit in your copy of Pages if you are using Mac or download the PDF version. The purpose of the maps is to provide teachers  maps for assigned seating of their students when using these rooms.

    Mac Users: Once downloaded use Preview app (located in the Applications folder) to annotate your student names onto the empty blanks next to the numbered computers on the page. Make sure that Show Markup Toolbar is checked under the View menu. Insert a text box and type the name. You can control what font, size, and color. Print if needed.

    Windows Users: Download the PDF map needed, use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to insert annotations. The app is available through Software Center. Once Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is opened, click on the Comment icon on the far right. This will open the tools needed to insert text fields onto the map. Once a box is inserted you can make the box invisible by right-clicking on the box edge and selecting properties and changing the color to white. The text color can be changed by highlighting text in the box and you should see a sub-window open up with the tools to modify color, size and font. Print if needed. 

    Room 105: Pages file

    Room 105: PDF file

     Room 116: Pages file

    Room 116: PDF file



    School Maps:

    Below is the general school map and the Morning/Afternoon stations for Drop-Off and Pickup.

    Bellaire School Map - Drop-Off and Pick-Up

    Below are the emergency maps used for Bellaire.

    Bellaire Fire Drill Map

    Bellaire Tornado Drill Map

    Bellaire Lockdown Drill Map

    Bellaire Shelter In Place Drill Map