• Dear Parents,

    Early College High School is committed to the success of your scholar. As your Lion continues his/her journey as a high school and college student it is imperative he/she complete all course work. Our mission is to provide an innovative educational experience that allows students the opportunity to attain a high school diploma, and up to 60 hours of college credit through a rigorous and intellectually stimulating experience.

    Starting in the 2018-19 school year we will be implementing an academic support program called Z.A.P. (Zeros Aren’t Permitted). Z.A.P. is an intervention that provides students the opportunity to complete missing classwork in a quiet environment during their regular lunch period.

    Below are the details of the Z.A.P. program:

    • Teachers will identify students who are missing work daily.

    • Students will be notified that they are required to attend Z.A.P.

    • During this time, students will complete all missing academic work.

    • Students will be escorted to the cafeteria to eat lunch.

    • If students do not complete their assignments by the end of lunch, they will be

      expected to continue their academic work at home or during tutorials.

    • Students will remain in Z.A.P. until all missing work has been completed and

      submitted to the Z.A.P. administrator.

    • The maximum credit a student can receive for Z.A.P. assignments is 75%.

    • Failure to report to Z.A.P. may result in disciplinary consequences.

    Our goal is to ensure that every Lion is successful. We understand this may be a transition; however, your support is appreciated.

    If you have any questions regarding Z.A.P., we are available by phone or email.

    Click here for the official parent letter.


    Kathleen Burke

    Early College High School