• Working Mornings

    Cedar Valley will host “Working Mornings” from 7:30-8:00 to give students in 1st-5th grade the opportunity to complete assigned work or homework.  Students will be invited to attend the Working Morning session that is hosted on the stage and overseen by two instructional assistants.

    Students that wish to attend are expected to report to the computer lab, sign-in, and bring any unfinished work. In some cases, which will be left to the discretion of the classroom teacher, the teacher may have the work ready and in the computer lab for the student’s arrival that morning. This is not a tutoring session, however, an adult will be available to answer any questions a student might have.  Students that attend Working Mornings are expected to follow the campus behavior plan and student code of conduct. Students not in compliance will be removed from the classroom and will join their classroom in the hallway until the morning bell rings. 

    We ask that students eat breakfast at home to maximize their time; however, we do understand that some children need to eat breakfast at school.  For these situations, we ask that the child arrive promptly at 7:15.  We will work to help them through the line immediately and on to the stage.  However, we cannot promise that students will be in the extra time room at a specific time or for a specific amount of time.  Working Mornings will be offered every morning except for days without school or in the event of a delayed start, and will begin September 8 and end May 29.