• Rancier Middle School

    Parent and Family Engagement Policy

         For the 2019-2020 School Year

    At Rancier Middle School, we are focused on doing what is best for students in order to create a challenging, positive learning environment where every Ka-Roo grows every day. An education that is thriving is best when the foundation is solid with communication between home and school. Rancier Middle School pledges to offer parents and family members various opportunities to be involved. Here are a few of those opportunities.

    Annual Meeting – A public hearing will be held at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. We will provide our parents and family members with information about Title I guidelines, our campus procedures from the Campus Improvement Plan, the Parent and Family Engagement Policy and the Rancier Home-School Compact.

    Site Based Decision making Committee – Monthly meetings of Rancier’s SBDM committee are held at least six times throughout the school year. This committee has elected members, administrative staff members, and special interest groups represented. This committee will also include a parent representative and a business representative.

    Volunteer Orientation – Throughout the year, Rancier’s Volunteer Coordinator will conduct volunteer orientation to acquaint all adult volunteers with the procedures to make volunteering a success.

    Communication – At Rancier Middle School, we strongly believe that clear communication is the strong foundation for a solid partnership with our parents and family members. We will aim to uphold this vital communication through various means that will include:

    • Phone calls
    • Campus Website
    • Conferences
    • KISD Channel
    • Outdoor Marquee
    • Fliers and letters
    • Email

    We strongly encourage parents and family members to contact their student’s teacher when there is a concern by making an appointment to meet with the teacher. Rancier believes that there should not be anything we cannot work out together for the good of the student.

    Types of Parent and Family Engagement – At Rancier, there are many opportunities for parents and family members to be involved in their student’s education. This may include volunteering, reading daily with students at home or attending parent and family member workshops. Parents and family members have very unique roles:

    • Teachers – helping at home with school work
    • Volunteers – contributing your time and skills to the school
    • Decision Makers – participating in joint problem solving with the school at every level.
    • Supporters – ensuring compliance with student code of conduct and KISD policies and procedures.
    • Advocates – promoting the home-school connection.

    Rancier will continue to strive to maintain a dynamic learning atmosphere where students can achieve academic excellence and where parents and family members feel welcomed and valued. Please let us know how we can make this a continuing tradition. We appreciate you!

    Revised 8/31/18