• Pat Carney Elementary School

    Parent Family Engagement Policy



    At Pat Carney Elementary School our mission is to work together to build a safe, respectful and nurturing environment focused on maximizing each child’s sense of well-being and acquisition of skills for life and learning.  Our vision is to develop well rounded, confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential.  We will do this by providing a welcoming, safe & supportive learning environment in which all achievements are celebrated.

    Staff AwarenessThe staff receives training each school year to emphasize the value of parent and family member contributions at school.  We highlight how to maintain communication and work to build a partnership between staff and parents to ensure that all students are successful in their learning. We encourage parent and family participation on campus and our staff is knowledgeable of the various parent programs and how they can encourage parent and family participation.

    Annual Title I MeetingOur annual Title I meeting is held in September of every school year.  All parents and family members are entitled to attend. At this meeting we will provide information about Title I guidelines, our Campus Improvement Plan, the Parent Engagement Policy, the Home-School Compact, Parents Right to Know and how to be involved in your child’s education.  In addition, you will receive information about curriculum, academic assessments and our latest STAAR scores.

    Site Based Decision Making Committee (SBDM):  Monthly meetings will be held for Pat Carney Elementary SBDM Committee at least six times during the school year.  The committee consists of elected members, administrative staff, and special interest groups.  The SBDM committee will include at least one parent representative, a community member, a district representative and a business representative.  The committee will provide input on the Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) and assist in making decisions on how Title I funds are spent.  We value your opinions and welcome all parents who would like to serve on this committee.  For parents unable to participate in SBDM, an annual evening meeting

    Volunteer Orientation:  At the start of the school year and throughout the year Pat Carney Elementary will conduct a volunteer orientation to acquaint all adult volunteers with KISD policies and procedures for volunteering.  New Volunteer Orientations will be help periodically throughout the school year. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Pat Carney Elementary at 254-336-1940 for further information.  

    Communication:  Pat Carney will take an active role in establishing and maintaining effective communication between staff, parents, and family members.  We will maintain communication in the following ways:

    *Campus and Grade level Newsletters detailing curriculum and upcoming events will be sent home bi-weekly and monthly.

    *Beginning of school year newsletter detailing expectations and procedures, Facebook Page, School Website, Phone calls, Marquee, Surveys, Parent Conferences, Connect -Ed Automated calls/texts, notes, letters, emails, fliers and Home Access.

    We encourage parents and family members to contact their student’s teacher when there is a concern by making an appointment for a parent conference. In addition, we also encourage families to use Home Access, which enables you to monitor grades, attendance, and communicate with your child’s teacher.  Additional contact can be made through phone calls, notes, letters, email, Class Dojo or Remind 101. 

    Parent & Family Engagement Policy & Home-School Compact: The Pat Carney Family Engagement Policy and Home-School Compact will be reviewed by staff and parents each spring.  Parents and family members input is a required part of this process.  The parent policy is also made available during our Annual Title I meeting and is also available on our campus website. Your child’s teacher will contact you soon to arrange a conference to discuss the Home-School Compact and to give you more information about your child’s achievement. Parents have the right to participate in decisions relating to their child’s education. 

    Parent & Family Learning:  At Pat Carney Elementary we support and encourage parent and family member involvement through volunteering at school, joining SBDM, attending school functions and helping your child with homework or reinforcement of specific skills.  We will hold parent meetings and learning events to help you understand the challenging Texas academic standards, provide information about STAAR and KISD assessments, explain how you can monitor your child’s progress and how to partner with your child’s teacher to help your student succeed. Additional information will be available to assist parents with staying current with new technology to include sessions on how use the programs, as well as sending hands-on activities and games home for extra practice. 

    KISD Parent and Family Member Classes: KISD offers classes free of charge for English as a Second Language, computers, and GED preparation. Empowered Parents workshops and the Parent Academy are also available.  Contact the Special Programs Department for more information at 336-0240


    Download our policy here