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Mrs. Vicki Osborne

Welcome to Diamondback Dominion!

2020-2021 is here and we are off to a great start with a new school year!

Being born in Heidelberg, Germany in a military family, I quickly learned to love the mobility the U.S. Army offered to many.  My family relocated extensively throughout the United States and I’ve had the opportunity to see so much of our great country.  Though my family actually originated in Georgia, Texas is truly my home away from home.

My husband and I have been married 31 years and have three children and nine amazing grandchildren! Other than loving to travel and be with my grandchildren, I have a few other “favorites” which include all my nephews, my one niece, woodworking, crafting, music, laughter, learning, and the great outdoors.

Though I truly love my family and the life God has blessed me with, I love TEACHING! After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with majors in both Reading and History from Tarleton State University, I began teaching with KISD.  This is my 27th year teaching with the school district!  Recently, I returned to school to complete my graduate work with Lamar University and received my Masters in Educational Leadership.  Being selected to work at Douse Elementary is a great honor and one I take quite seriously.  Prior to teaching, I worked at NSA in Washington, DC and at Scott and White in the president’s office.

Children are our future!  I believe in my heart every child should be given the chance to excel to the very best of his or her ability.  Sometimes we need an extra hand…some extra support…a little love and care to help lift us and move us to the next level.  I’m here to help parents locate help their child needs to learn and advance.  As the Campus Facilitator at Alice W. Douse Elementary School, my goal is to help those needing assistance, to collaborate with teachers in teaching (and reaching) every student and celebrate the success(es) of our children.

Join me in this fantastic journey through education!  Whether we are in the actual school classroom or in the virtual classroom, we all can work together to make this the best school year ever.  Challenges may come but we will prevail…we are Diamondbacks!