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    Home-School Compact

    School Year:  2020-2021

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    What is a Home-School Compact?



    This home-school compact offers ways that we can work together to help our students achieve the State’s high standards. It provides strategies to help connect learning at school and at home. It is a commitment made amongst teachers, parents and students to share the responsibility for improving student achievement.

    Jointly Developed

    This home-school compact is the result of continuous collaboration between our parents, families, and staff. Our Site Based Decision Making Committee and our Parent Advisory Council meet several times a year to share ideas and work toward common goals. In the spring of each year, we hold a Title I meeting to review and revise this compact based on the school’s academic goals and students’ needs.


    Building Partnerships

     West Ward Elementary is committed to providing families with resources and opportunities for learning so as to assist parents in working with their child/children. Please consider joining the staff and fellow parents through some of the following events and programs:

    • Quarterly Family Learning Nights
    • Parent Workshops – morning and evening sessions offered on a variety of topics such as understanding STAAR, helping with homework, grade level expectations, helping your child in math and reading, and more. Parents may request specific topics of interest as well.
    • Parent Advisory Council
    • Volunteering

    If you would like to volunteer or observe in your child’s classroom, please contact our Parent Liaison at Wayne.C.Moore@killeenisd.org or 254-336-1830.

    Communication About Student Learning

    West Ward Elementary School is committed to frequent two-way communication with families in regard to their children’s learning. Some of the ways that parents and teachers communicate include:

    • Weekly homework folders
    • Parent-teacher conferences in the fall and spring
    • Progress reports and report cards
    • Current grade checks through Home Access Center
    • Newsletters and updates on the school website

    For questions about your child’s progress, please contact the teacher by email or call 254-336-1830 to leave a message. The teacher will return your call during his/her conference period or after school when he/she is not instructing students.

    Campus Goals

    1. By June 2021, 75% of PK-2nd grade students will be on or above grade level in reading and 80% on grade level in math as measured by CIRLCE and MAP.
    2. By June 2021, 70% of 3rd-5th grade students will achieve Approaches Grade Level or higher on STAAR Reading.
    3. By June 2021, 65% of 3rd-5th grade students will achieve Approaches Grade Level or higher on STAAR Math.

    Our Reading Focus

    ·       Beginning sounds and sight words

    ·       Reading fluency and comprehension

    ·       Vocabulary development

    ·       Making text connections

    Our Math Focus

    ·       Number sense

    ·       Problem solving

    ·       Math computation


    Our Responsibility to Our Students

    To enable our students to meet the State’s academic achievement standards, our school provides high quality curriculum and instruction to our students in supportive and effective classroom environments. Our teachers regularly engage in a deep study of the standards and receive ongoing professional development to refine their instructional practices. We support our students and work hard to provide a welcoming, safe school environment.


    To support student achievement goals, I will…

    • Develop learning goals with students and send home materials to help parents support the learning goals at home.
    • Involve students in daily reading activities and provide parents with resources to practice reading skills with their child/children.
    • Share with parents the math problem solving strategies used in the classroom and send home at least one application problem per week.
    • Provide a positive, safe, and effective learning environment for all students.
    • Connect students with after-school activities that support their learning.


    To support effective communication, I will…

    • Review the home-school compact with parents at the initial parent teacher
    • Assist parents in understanding opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child’s class.
    • Initiate timely communication with parents when there is a concern regarding their child’s progress, behavior, etc.
    • Respond to emails, phone calls, notes in the agenda, etc.


    Teacher Name: ____________________________ Signature: _________________________________ Date: ____________________


    To support student achievement goals, I will…

    • Provide a quiet time each day for completion of homework and/or reading.
    • Talk with my child each day about school and homework; set high expectations for his or her academic achievement.
    • Read daily with my child and talk about what was read.
    • Practice math facts/concepts with my child.
    • Include my child in opportunities for real world application of problem-solving skills such as cooking, paying bills, repair projects, etc.
    • Participate in school events, workshops, and meetings.

    To support effective communication, I will…

    • Initiate communication with school staff when there is a question or concern.
    • Review the weekly homework folder and other communication flyers sent home.
    • Respond to emails, phone calls, notes in the agenda, etc.
    • Participate in parent-teacher conferences and other meetings about my child and his/her progress.


    Parent Name: ____________________________ Signature: _________________________________ Date: ____________________


    To support achievement goals, I will…

    • Follow school rules, participate in classroom activities, and take responsibility for my learning.
    • Complete all assignments, including homework, to the best of my ability.
    • Set high academic expectations for myself.
    • Read every day for at least 20 minutes and talk with someone about what I have read.
    • Practice math facts and concepts using flashcards, online tools, games, etc.
    • Identify math in the world around me such as shapes, angles, money, telling time, etc.


    To support effective communication, I will…

    • Talk with my parent(s) about school each day.
    • Ask questions when I do not understand something or need additional help.
    • Seek help from my parents, teachers, and other school staff when there is a problem or concern.
    • Communicate positively with others and take turns both speaking and listening.

    Student Name: ____________________________ Signature: _________________________________ Date: ____________________

    Language translation of materials and documents shared with parents/guardian of students at Elsewhere Elementary will be made available upon request. All students and parents/guardians of students at Elsewhere Elementary have had the opportunity to discuss the contents of and have received a copy of this compact. Date of parent-teacher conference: ___________________________