• Ms. Sampson and Mrs. Stewart


    Dear Clarke Families,

    We are very excited about this school year! As school counselors, we provide classroom guidance, individual, and small group counseling to name a few services. Additionally, we collaborate with teachers, parents, administrators, and community partners to help create an environment that is conducive to learning and student success.

    Other duties include School Volunteer Coordinator, Gifted and Talented Assessor and Awards Ceremony Coordinator. We work closely the Military Family Life Counselor and School Behavioral Provider. Additionally, we can provide families with community resources and information.

    If you need to contact us, please call (254) 336-1510. Thank you for your cooperation and time. Let us have a successful and great school year! We are proud, Comanches!


    Working together,

    Ms. Sampson and Mrs. Stewart


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