• Clear Creek Elementary School Parent and Family Engagement Policy (Title I)

    For the 2020-2021 School Year  

    At Clear Creek Elementary, our mission is to do what is best for students in order to create a challenging, positive learning environment where every Cavalry member grows each day. A student’s academic success is at its best when there is a solid foundation of clear, consistent communication between home and school. Clear Creek Elementary pledges to offer parents and family members various opportunities to be involved, such as: 

    Annual Meeting – a public hearing held at the beginning of school year 2020-2021. Parents and family members receive information about Title I guidelines, Campus Improvement Plan information as well as copies of the Parent and Family Engagement Policy and the Clear Creek Home-School Compact. 

    Site-Based Decision-Making Committee (SBDM) – Clear Creek’s SBDM hosts monthly meetings each school year. The SBDM consists of administrative staff, elected members, and special interest groups as well as parent representatives and a business representative.

    Volunteer Program – Each school year and as needed throughout the school year, Clear Creek’s Parent Liaison conducts a volunteer orientation to acquaint adult volunteers with processes and procedures that allow for a successful volunteer program at Clear Creek. 

    Communication – At Clear Creek Elementary, we strongly believe clear communication is the foundation for a strong partnership with our parents and family members. We provide communication through various means that include the campus website, Email, Clear Creek Facebook, fliers and letters, KISD Channel 17 (Spectrum), monthly newsletter and updates as needed, outdoor marquee, Parent/Teacher Conferences, phone calls, student planners and Wednesday Take-Home Folders

    We highly encourage parents and family members to contact their student’s teacher when there is a classroom concern by making an appointment to meet with the teacher. We must work together to ensure all children are successful. 

    Types of Parent and Family Engagement – There are many opportunities for parents and family members of Clear Creek students to be involved in their student’s education:

    • Teaching – helping at home with schoolwork; reading with your student daily for 15 minutes; doing math problems while shopping or cooking.
    • Volunteering – contributing your time and skills to the school at school or from home.
    • Decision Making – participating in problem solving with the school at every level.
    • Supporting – reinforcing at home, compliance with KISD policies and procedures; KISD Student Code of Conduct; Clear Creek Rules and classroom rules. 

    Clear Creek Elementary is a military neighborhood school, established in 1990. Our mission is to maintain a safe, welcoming, and dynamic learning environment where all students have the opportunity to achieve academic excellence and where parents and family members feel welcomed and valued. Please let us know how we can adhere to our mission.

    Reviewed and revised June 1, 2020