Dr. Linda Butler



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Dr. Linda Butler

My vision for Pershing Park is to create a school all parents want their children to attend.  Parents and community members want to be involved, and we welcome them.  Each day starts with students excited about coming to school.  They have experienced success, and they are eager to do it again.  Classrooms are filled with students engaged in learning.  When you walk the halls, you see students thinking, collaborating, inventing, creating, and excited about learning.  Students are asking questions, and they are making connections.  In the classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, and on the playground there is an atmosphere of respect and acceptance.  Students take risks, and mistakes are accepted as a natural part of the learning process.  Teachers find ways to encourage reluctant students, and they are creative in helping students experiencing difficulties.  At Pershing Park, we encourage students to persist, and we want them to succeed each and every day.


What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing.  ~Aristotle.